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AB Plastics supply and manufacture a wide range of materials and products:

  • All engineering plastics, Acetal, Nylon, HDPE, Teflon, UHMWPE, Polyurethane
  • Machined parts, Rod tube and sheet
  • Acrylic, perspex, and plexiglass sheets cut to size
  • Polycarbonate, lexan, makrolon, sheets and cut to size
  • Framed acrylic panels, for weather screens, handrails, double glazing, pool fences

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Our service areas include: Clayton, Dandenong and Ringwood.

Perspex Colour Chart
Click any two colours to compare them. Backlit (BL) and Frontlit (FL) samples shown

Perspex, apart from being a generic term for acrylic materials is actually a brand name. The genuine branded Perspex products are expensive top end materials which lead the market in terms of color choice and surface finishes. The full range of Perspex colors and surface textures is not shown here, in particular there is a good range of satin finish sheets in clear, light opal (Frost) and colors. These give a softer look than the regular gloss finish found on most acrylics.

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