Perspex Pool Fencing in Melbourne

poolfence Traditional glass luxury pool fences (pictured) are heavy, difficult to work with, and can be expensive. Using tough uv resistant acrylic sheets you can have an attractive safety barrier without too much cost.

There are hundreds of potential fencing applications for perspex / acrylic. As an alternative to frosted glass pool fencing, we also supply frosted and diffuse acrylic pool fence varieties if you want the benefits of natural light with some added privacy.

At AB Plastics, we can help you choose the right perspex acrylic fence panels as glass replacement.

How to attach perspex to a pool fence

If you’re worried about little ones climbing the steel bars of your pool fence and accessing the pool when there’s no supervision around, we can add clear plexiglass fencing around the fence for added safety by drilling and screwing the pieces on.

If you’ve been searching for perspex pool fence panels in Melbourne, your search ends here. Contact us if you have any queries or for more information about the usage of an acrylic pool fence.