Double Glazing Melbourne, Victoria

Our double glazing in Melbourne, Victoria is easy to install as a DIY project, and will keep your home warm during those cold winter months.

It’s hard to see but if you look carefully there is a sheet of clear acrylic fitted inside of the glass pane. There are many ways to fit double glazed windows, in this case a small aluminium angle has been screwed into the frame with magnetic tape applied to the angle and the perimeter of the acrylic panel.

Many people fit the panels to the inside of the frame, some fit the acrylic directly to the glass with a small space in between. Think about whether noise reduction or thermal insulation is the more important for you as a close fit to the glass of approx 5mm to 20mm gives the best heat insulation and a wider gap of 100mm or so gives the best sound reduction. Both methods will give benefits either way so the most important factor is usually how to fit them easily and neatly. Come to us for products at affordable prices. We are the experts, and have supplied many clients double glazed windows in Clayton, Dandenong, Hallam, Ringwood, Narre Warren, Frankston, Springvale, Keysborough and around Melbourne, Victoria with our products.

Double Glazing Window in Melbourne Double Glazing Melbourne

What are double glazed windows and how do they work?

A double glazed window combines two panels of glass within the same window frame. The gap between the two panes can be anywhere between 6mm to 20mm wide and is filled with either standard or special gas such as argon.

Unlike single glazed windows, the two glass panes are great insulators. Working as energy saving windows, they help insulate your home all year round.

During Summer it stops heat from coming inside, and helps keep the warmth in during Winter. Therefore you’re able to save on your electricity bills and enjoy a comfy home with double glazed windows.

The insulating power of double glazed windows comes from the gap between the two panes. The wider the gap, the more energy efficient the window is, because it acts as a barrier to either keep hot air out or keep hot air inside.

Quality double glazing in Melbourne, at great prices

We are developing a lightweight framing system for these panels at present. There are several companies advertising an installation service for add on or double glazing Melbourne wide. Give them a call and compare the prices. At present we do not install double glazing windows in Melbourne. If you need help to fit or measure them choose a local handyman.

Our double glazing in Melbourne is a very simple DIY project. You can save hundreds of dollars by doing some of the work yourself. All you need to do is figure out your preferred mounting system, measure your individual panel sizes and call our team with a list of that you require. We will cut them to size and arrange delivery or you can collect. From there either stick on the magnetised tape or do a little carpentry with some beadings or whatever suits your windows.

The double glazing windows will not be completely soundproof but there will be a very noticeable noise reduction, there will also be a very significant reduction in heat loss or gain through the window. Great for the environment, inside and outside.

We provide double glazing services in the following suburbs of Victoria:

  1. Clayton
  2. Dandenong
  3. Ringwood
  4. Hallam
  5. Narre Warren
  6. Frankston
  7. Springvale
  8. Keysborough

If you would like our assistance and expertise, get in touch with us.

Find out more about our quality double glazing in Melbourne, including prices and uses, by completing our Contact Form or giving us a call on 03 9796 4030.

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