Hints and Tips – Acrylic

Characteristics of the material


  • Acrylic Plastic
  • Half the weight of glass
  • Impact resistant
  • Unaffected by sun or salt spray
  • Temperature range of -30 to 160° F for continuous service


Wash with mild soap or detergent, with plenty of lukewarm water, dry with soft cloth or chamois. Grease, oil or tar can be removed with hexane or kerosene. Solvent residue should be removed by washing immediately.

Do Not Use

Window cleaning sprays, scouring compounds, acetone, gasoline, benzene, carbon tetrachloride or lacquer thinner.


When working with the material, leave the paper masking film on the sheet as long as possible. Except for intricate detail work you should remove the masking only when your project is completed.

Working with acrylic plastic sheet


  • Keep masking on as long as possible. Use metal cutting saw blades and drills which are ground for acrylic sheet.
  • Make sure all tools are sharp.
  • Use water or drilling oil as a coolant when cutting sheets over 1/8″ thick or drilling sheets over 3/16″ thick.
  • Wet the material before cleaning.


  • Use saw blades with side-set teeth. Saw teeth ideally should be ground with 0° of rake and be of uniform height and shape.
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