Marine and Boat Plastics

boat1AB Plastics manufacture many special plastic parts & components for Australia’s leading boat manufacturers.

  • Windscreens, Windows – Re-glazing with U.V. Resistant acrylic & polycarbonate.
  • Hatches, Infills – Manufactured from our own U.V Resistant dense white P.E.
  • Skeg Bush, Stern Tube Bush – Vesconite, Countrose, Silverline
  • Rudder Bearings – Vesconite
  • Bait boards (custom) Wear strips – H.D.P.E.
  • Boat trailers – strips & rollers

Solid White U.V Resistant Transom Boards

Manufactured from specially formulated U.V. stable polymers, these bright white, solid colour gloss finish plates will not deteriorate with prolonged exposure to sunlight like normal plastics.

They are an attractive and economical solution to new fit ups and refits, one size fits all motors. A stock item that can be accurately costed into each fit up.

Last year we supplied over 6000 boards to boat manufacturers and Distributors.

If you are still making your own board for each fit up, next time, see how long it takes you, I can confidently say that you will not make a finished board of similar quality, for less than double the cost of ours.

Contact our sales department for prices and delivery details.

P.S. We can make up larger and thicker boards for special fit ups.