Reptile Enclosure

This was one of those home DIY projects which looked more difficult than what it actually was. For whatever reason, it became incredibly important to some members of our family that we needed to have an outdoor enclosure and pond for our turtles. A suitable corner of the garden was selected, a pond created, all that was missing was some sort of fence to stop the turtles going walkabout. The aluminum frames pictured are some of our prototype extrusions we were evaluating for our upcoming easy fit framed panel range. They are almost identical to the production versions for pergolas, balustrades and pool fences.

The really nice thing about these framed panels is they are so easy to attach and use. Normally some degree of care needs to be taken when drilling, handling and mounting unframed acrylic panels. Not with these things, you can drop them, bang them around, drill, screw, bolt or rivet anywhere within 20mm of the outside edge without disturbing the acrylic panel inside. In this installation we wanted the panels to be removeable so we mounted sturdy 40mm square posts with C channels to slot the framed panels into. For a permanently fixed installation the panel frames could be riveted or screwed directly to the posts, or a piece of angle. Using the drop in C channels or aluminum angle as an attachment is really easy and it hides all sorts of out of square issues. (The panels were absolutely square but the surrounding area was not.)

All sorts of enclosures can be built using the easy fit panels, hinges and latches can be screwed or riveted to the frame, a few bits of angle or channel, basic tools and a bit of time are all you need. It’s like playing with flat shiny Lego.

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reptile_enclosure_02 reptile_enclosure_03